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Eradicate 90 Capsules
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Eradicate 90 Capsules

Eradicate 90 Capsules PCT Supplements

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Eradicate 90 Capsules

Product Guide

Prevent estrogen conversion during or following prohormone/designer steroid cycle

Reduce any possible water retention for a drier looking physique

Eliminate the chance of the development of male breast tissue

Helps maintain a healthy sex drive

Restore normal healthy hormone function

Eradicate 90 Capsules


When you use a prohormone or designer steroid there is a greater risk of estrogen conversion with certain compounds. If this happens, there are many negative side effects such as water retention, development of male breast tissue, loss of libido and a reduction in possible gains. Eradicate from Blackstone Labs prevents this unwanted estrogen conversion and so eliminates the risk of all possible estrogen mediated side effects. Following on from a cycle, Eradicate will bring your hormone function back to normal too.


Eradicate should be used following a prohormone or designer steroid cycle but can also be used during a cycle to limit certain effects excess estrogen may cause.


While Eradicate is an obvious option during or after a prohormone cycle it is also suitable for males seeking to build a leaner, harder and more muscular both as used standalone Eradicate will increase testosterone and reduce estrogen.


Blackstone Labs Eradicate 90 Capsules


Take one (1) capsule 1 to 3 times daily with food.

Do not use for longer than 8 weeks without a 4 week off period.

Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.



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