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6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps
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6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps

6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps PCT Supplements

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Estrogen Blocker: Beginner



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6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps

Product Guide

Strongest aromatase inhibitor on the market

Increase lean muscle mass

Reduce conversion of testosterone to estradiol

Supports muscle retention

Increase testosterone:estrogen ratio

6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps


6-Oxo is used to block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. When the body has more testosterone, the anabolic potential is significantly increased. This will help to build more lean muscle and increase overall body strength. By having more testosterone, not only will you have increae muscle mass, but there is a greater capacity to decrease body fat. A favourable testosterone:estrogen ratio is critical for achieving optimal body composition.


6-Oxo is best taken in the morning, and then again in the evening due to the 12 hour half life of the product. This supplement is best used when bulking, where excess fat gain is sometimes likely (and an increase in fat cells in males is associated with an increase in estrogen). When using this supplement, a strong liver support should also be used.


6-Oxo by Fusion Supplements is a potent aromatase inhibitor and should only be used by experienced users of pro hormones. This supplement is intended for male athletes only, and shouldn't be used by women. 6-Oxo is used to prevent estrogen related side effects which can occur during a PH/AAS cycle if an aromatising compound is used.


Fusion supplements 6-Oxo 100mg 60 Caps


As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules twice daily. The first 3 capsules in the morning and then another 3 capsules in the afternoon with or without meals.



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