Invictus 30ml
Invictus 30ml

Invictus 30ml PCT Supplements

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Invictus 30ml

Product Guide

Enhanced absorption thanks to transdermal technology

Designed to support improvements in body composition

Ideal when dieting

Can help maintain optimal condition during PCT

Works by optimising cortisol

Could help those who have stubborn fat

Invictus 30ml


Invictus is a supplement which uses a cortisol modulating ingredient which is designed to maximise fat loss without the use of stimulants, and to support optimal muscle mass retention when dieting.


Invictus can be used when dieting, when on a recomp, or else as part of a PCT protocol when the body is more likely to see fat gain otherwise.


As a non-hormonal substance, Invictus can be used by both sexes although we would caution those with joint issues against it as lowering cortisol can cause joint aches.


Iron Legion Supplements Invictus 30ml


Use the dropper to apply .5ml topically, twice daily (once in the AM, once in the PM) Ideal application sites include the chest, shoulders, and neck.



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