K1ngs Blood
K1ngs Blood

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K1ngs Blood

Product Guide

All purpose PCT supplement

Enhanced testosterone

Supports FSH and LH output

Modulates estrogen

Supports libido

Includes ashwagandha to support testosterone and mood

K1ngs Blood


K1ngs Blood is a premium PCT supplement which includes ingredients to elevate testosterone, growth hormone as well as luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. By also including the estrogen minimising I3C and the adaptogen ashwagandha, K1ngs Blood is suitable for any natural athlete seeking an optimal hormonal environment.


While it can be used after a prohormone cycle, K1ngs Blood can be equally effective as a standalone natural muscle builder.


Men who have recently concluded a prohormone cycle or else looking for a single natural anabolic which can improve muscle and strength in the gym.



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