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Sleep Botanical Blend
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Sleep Botanical Blend

Sleep Botanical Blend Post-Workout Supplements

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Sleep Botanical Blend

Product Guide

Contains GABA; the brain's "natural calming agent"

Make full use of wind-down time

Let your muscles and mind relax and recover

Wake up early without feeling like you can’t leave your bed

Hops and valerian root extract are widely used to treat insomnia

Combat stress by simply going to bed

Sleep Botanical Blend


The quality of your sleep is one of the key components that can dictate the progress you are making towards your fitness. Sleep Botanical is packed with an all-natural formula including GABA, which is renowned for its calming capabilities and two ingredients that are universally used for the treatment of insomnia. You can start off your day without feeling fatigued or exhausted.


As you may have guessed, the Sleep Botanical Blend is recommended for consumption as your bedtime approaches. Around one hour before you turn the lights out, take 1-2 of the capsules. We recommend discussing with your doctor how many capsules you should take.


This supplement is recommended to anyone at all who has noticed a rise in difficulty to remain composed and focused throughout the day, as a result of being tired. If your lifestyle has changed so that you're waking hours have altered, or you are taking on more stressful situations, this could be you.,



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