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Pharma-Z 100 Capsules
Save 30% on clearance products!
Pharma-Z 100 Capsules

Pharma-Z 100 Capsules Sleep Aid Supplements

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Improve Sleep


Sleep Aid Supplements




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Pharma-Z 100 Capsules

Product Guide

Updated version of the original formula

Based around GABA (the miracle amino acid)

Monitors the intensity of what goes on in your brain

Sleep your deepest sleep

Healthy mind means a healthy body

Recover in time for your next workout

Pharma-Z 100 Capsules


Obtaining high-quality rest and recovery in between workouts by starting with your sleep quality. With Pharma-Z you are able to keep control of your stress management with the help of GABA. Your neuroactivity is monitored in a way that can raise your mood and send you into your deepest sleep.


Be sure to test your tolerance to the GABA by taking one capsule and seeing how you feel. Once you have determined whether or not 1 or 2 capsules is the right serving for you, take your serving to a point when you feel as though your routine is weighing down on you and increasing stress.


Pharma-Z is ideal for those of you with hectic schedules and intense workout routines. If you have a job that requires you to be up early in the morning, if you have children to care for, if you travel a lot, etc. These are all things that can lead to stress being raised and sleep quality falling. If this is you, then you need Pharma-Z.


Psycho Pharma Pharma-Z 100 Capsules


Take 1-2 capsules to experience mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing, and improved cognitive function. Users may combine with other Psycho Pharma products to increase the cognitive mood-enhancing Zen-like focus effects.



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