Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi
Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi

Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi



Improve Recovery


30 Servings
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Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi

Product Guide

All round performance enhancer

Clinically proven doses of key ergogenics

7g of creatine via three different types of creatine

2.5g of betaine for superior endurance and recovery

Supports enhanced ATP production for power gains

Increased cell volumisation for faster LBM gains

Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi


Tango utilises a number of natural performance enhancers including creatine (delivered through three different forms in Tango), betaine and the amino acids taurine and l-ornithine aspartate. Importantly, Redcon1 have not skimped on the doses so that you get each of these at a level that is based on research indicating their ability to promote greater athletic performance.


Tango is an every day kind of supplement which if used year-round can help ensure an optimal rate of progression in the gym.


Both men and women can use Tango. Being calorie free as well, this is a good supplement whether you are bulking or dieting or follow either a high or low carb diet.


REDCON1 Tango 30 Servings Strawberry Kiwi


Take 1 scoop immediately after training mixed with 300-350ml of water or other beverage such as a protein shake. For best results, take up to 2 scoops daily.



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