Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream
Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream

Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream Post Workout Supplements

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Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream

Product Guide

Helps you perform at a high level for longer

Easy to digest

Gluten-free alternative to oats, pasta and bread

Versatile food, can be eaten alone or mixed with a protein shake

Near zero calories from fat

Affordable, quick to make carbohydrate

Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream

Cream of rice is ideal for athletes looking to replenish glycogen levels after a workout or else to provide fuel for your workouts if used prior to training. Furthermore, it mixes more easily and in our opinion tastes better than other complex carbohydrates it is easy to stir a scoop of our Predator Whey or similarly fast digesting whey proteins without clumping or negatively impacting the overall taste.

Perfect for use after, before, or even during a workout, whilst also being easier to digest than gluten based carbohydrates is another advantage. You should consider this as a staple food rather than a supplement so unless you are on a keto diet or else a very low calorie diet that means carbohydrates need to be very low, this can be used by almost anyone regardless of if they are bulking, maintaining their weight or dieting.

Literally anyone can benefit from the fast digesting, great tasting properties of Predator Cream of Rice especially those who struggle with gut disturbances or bloating from sugars or gluten based carbohydrates. Only keto or paleo diet adherents would find Cream of Rice hard to structure in their diets.


Predator Nutrition Predator Cream of Rice 2000g Cookies & Cream


To microwave: Add ONE scoop (45g) to 200ml water, stir and pour into a microwave proof bowl or container. Once mixed set microwave on HIGH setting at 30 second intervals. After each 30 seconds stir until desired consistency has been achieved. Alternatively: Slowly add 200ml of preheated water or milk, stir / whisk to desired consistency. Can be mixed with protein powder, fruit or added flavourings such as syrups.