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INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom
Axe&Sledge: Save 15%
INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom

INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom Pre-Workout

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40 Servings
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INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom

Product Guide

All-In-One pre-workout

Juicy Pumps

Maximum Performance

Sustained Energy

Laser Sharp Focus

8g L-citrulline

3.2g Beta-Alanine

300mg Caffeine

INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom


Axe & Sledge INTAKE pre-workout provides a powerful energy boost, enhanced focus, and increased endurance. Packed with performance-enhancing ingredients, it primes the body for intense workouts, optimising each training session.


Incorporate INTAKE pre-workout when facing challenging workouts or needing an extra push. Ideal for both resistance training and high-intensity workouts, it ensures peak performance during demanding exercise sessions.


Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone seeking elevated energy levels and focus during workouts. It caters to those aiming for improved performance and intensity in their training routine.


Axe and Sledge INTAKE 40 Servings Fruit Kaboom


As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 scoops with 250-400ml of cold water. Vary the amount of liquid to suit your taste preference. New users should start with 1 scoop to assess tolerance. For optimal results, consume 20-30 minutes before training. DO NOT take with any other products that contain stimulants. DO NOT take within 5-6 hours prior to sleep.