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The Curse 250g - Pina Colada
JNX Labs: Save 10%!
The Curse 250g - Pina Colada

The Curse 250g - Pina Colada Pre Workout

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Increase Energy


Preworkout: Beginner




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The Curse 250g - Pina Colada

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One of the most extreme pre-workouts available today

Potent stimulant cocktail delivers amazing intensity

Get incredible pumps

Beta-alanine and creatine for endurance

Wide range of flavours to choose from

One of the best-selling pre-workouts

The Curse 250g - Pina Colada


The Curse might look intimidating and a bit off-putting but there is no doubting the efficacy and quality of this as a product. Energy, endurance and muscle pumps, all things that are necessary for a successful workout. The Curse can draw you into a zone of concentration and focus that leaves you uninterrupted and on course to achieving your goals.


Like all pre-workouts the effects are intense and short-lived, so use just before your heaviest workouts. If using regularly, you may consider cycling The Curse to avoid building up a caffeine tolerance.


This kind of pre-workout is ideally for those of you who struggle to maintain their motivation and focus throughout the duration of a workout. It isn't uncommon to get distracted or suffer a dip in confidence. The Curse is able to draw your focus into razor-sharp capabilities and keep you on course.


JNX Sports The Curse 250g - Pina Colada


Shake container before use. Mix one to three scoops with 4 - 8 ounces of cold water ( 150 - 300mls ) and consume 30 - 45 mins before exercise. Do not consume more than 3 scoops within any 24 hour period. Always start with a single-serve ( 1 scoop ) to assess your tolerance.



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