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Seventh Gear
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Seventh Gear
Seventh Gear

Seventh Gear Pre-Workout

Axe and Sledge


Increase Energy






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Seventh Gear

Product Guide

A huge 500mg total of several stimulants

Beta alanine for your endurance

Betaine for the output and strength

Creatine MagnaPower for the ultimate energy production

Alpha-GPC for the focus and power

5 weird and wonderful

Seventh Gear


Axe & Sledge have taken on the challenge of adding an effective pre-workout energy stimulant to the market. The formula is made up of three unstoppable stimulants along with a big scoop of caffeine for a hard-hitting stimulant-heavy experience.


Seventh Gear is a super intense pre-workout so probably not one you need to use on a daily basis! This is the perfect pre-workout to pull out for a BIG session when you've got an especially long and tiring day.


People with a big workout ahead who are pretty well-acclimatized to the intense caffeine dose this product provides. It’s far from gentle, and you need to be comfortable with this kind of product if you’re going to use it regularly. Avoid using for evening workouts due to the half-life of stimulants contained.



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