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Liquid Chalk 250ml
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Liquid Chalk 250ml

Liquid Chalk 250ml

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Liquid Chalk 250ml

Product Guide

Designed to improve your grip to enable greater force transference

Greater force transference can support your rep endurance

Can be used in any exercise

Superior to straps which can cause your forearm muscles to atrophy

Not as messy as most standard chalks

Easy to apply and one bottle lasts for months

Liquid Chalk 250ml


Chalk has been used a lot in other sports such as rock climbing or powerlifting for its grip improving benefits. However, standard chalk is very messy and gets everywhere. Liquid chalk is much cleaner and no chalk dust over your clothes or the gym floor. You can get a significantly improved grip which allows you to transfer more power and lift more for longer.


Use any time you need to improve your grip. While it is most important during pulling exercises it can really help you during curls and presses.


Anyone can use liquid chalk. It's active ingredient, magnesium carbonate, is safe and natural to use daily if required.


Predator Nutrition Liquid Chalk 250ml


Apply a small amount to the palm of the hands. Rub all over the palms of your hands and let it dry naturally which takes just a few seconds. You are now ready to lift more weight!