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Predator Knee Sleeves
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Predator Knee Sleeves

Predator Knee Sleeves

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Predator Knee Sleeves

Product Guide

Durable and comfortable fit for maximum support

Helps reduce the risk of injury

Supporting joint stability can reduce knee pain

Additional support to your knees can help you lift more weight

Fashionable design with the Predator Nutrition logo

Predator Knee Sleeves


Predator Nutrition’s knee sleeves allow you to lift heavy weights without the fear of injury. They provide warmth, increase stability and reduce your risk of injury when lifting heavy on your lower body. The material is functional and adaptive when training, while remaining comfortable and snug to provide optimal support to your knee joints and ligaments.


These knee sleeves can be used by those who are looking to reduce the aches and pains around the knee joints when engaging in heavy lower body resistance training.


For those looking for additional support for your knee joints and ligaments when engaged in resistance training.