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Predator Knee Wraps
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Predator Knee Wraps

Predator Knee Wraps

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Predator Knee Wraps

Product Guide

Increases performance through way of compression

Helps with pain management in the knees

Supports knee ligaments and tendons

Can dramatically increase your weight maximums

Helps to improve form

Easy to use

Predator Knee Wraps


Heavy lifting can place a lot of stress on not just your muscles but ligaments and tendons too. Squats especially can cause serious damage if done incorrectly. By using knee wraps, you are supporting the knee joint meaning less chance of injury and an improvement in power. If you have a niggling injury, knee wraps can also assist with pain management preventing your training from suffering.


We recommend almost cycling knee wraps, as constantly supporting your knees with them can actually prevent your knee joints from becoming stronger. If you are strength training knee wraps are a great support and can improve maximum lifts. So if you're going for a heavy set or have slight knee pain that needs managing, these are perfect examples of when knee wraps should be used.


Every athlete from beginner to advanced should consider using knee wraps to prevent possible injury and aid in stronger lifts.