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4-Andro TD
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4-Andro TD

4-Andro TD Prohormones

Alpha Gainz


Build Muscle





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4-Andro TD

Product Guide

Increases Size/Muscle Mass (Increased Nitrogen Retention)

Excellent for Bulking/Recomping/Cutting

Increases Strength

Excellent Stacker

Supports Libido

4-Andro TD


If you have hit a plateau in the gym or simply just aren't happy at the rate you're improving, 4-Andro is ideal for improving overall performance in the gym and creating that physique you're looking for. Expect to see lean muscle gains, low estrogen conversion, minimal water retention and amazing strength gains from just one cycle.


4-Andro TD should be used in short cycles. At the end of the cycle users should then run a full PCT therapy to maintain muscle and restore endogenous hormonal equilibrium.


Advanced male trainees who may have already used products from the hardcore category. Users should have a full understanding of the products first.


Alpha Gainz 4-Andro TD


Use the dropper to apply solution topically. Do not eceed 3ml per day! Rotate application sites! Ideal application sites include the chest, abdomen, and shoulders.



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