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Product Guide

Non-methlyated prohormone for strength and size gains

Highest anabolic to androgenic ratio of any prohormone

Converts to the same compound in Deca

Cyclodextrin formula delivers 20-fold increase in bioavailability

Zero hepatoxicity

Zero conversion to DHT or estrogen



With an extraordinary anabolic to androgenic ratio, this is a product which guarantees to deliver gains while minimising potential negative androgenic sides. It's unique formula ensures that anabolic effects are prioritized, and maximised via bonding 19-Nor to a cyclodextrin base thus delivering very rapid lean mass gains and hugely enhanced recovery. Furthermore, Decalone does not stress the liver, nor does it convert to oestrogen or DHT. A huge leap forward in the formulation of PH's; overcoming common issues seen with other products while preserving all the good stuff!


The benefits of this product will best be seen when undertaking a muscle gaining phase, in conjunction with a structured nutrition and training plan. Capsules should be taken with a meal 3 times per day.


Strictly for male athletes over the age of 21 - due to the androgenic nature of 19-Nor. It should not be used by any drug tested athlete though. It is perfect for those new to the world of prohormone supplementation, due to a low risk of common androgenic side effects and also it's highly anabolic nature.



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