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Nano 1T 30ml
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Nano 1T 30ml

Nano 1T 30ml Prohormones

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Nano 1T 30ml

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The perfect prohormone for lean mass gains with no water retention

Superior absorption to even topical formulas

No conversion to estrogen or DHT for those concerned about side effects

Rapid muscle and strength gains with increases in muscle of 1kg per week easy to achieve

Demolishes plateaus in strength with one tester gaining 50kg on their squat in an 8 week cycle

Can be combined with Androtest or Nanodrol for those wanting to look like a mutant!

Nano 1T 30ml


Nano 1T is a nanoparticulated version of 1-testosterone, a non-toxic prohormone. 700% more anabolic than even testosterone, Nano 1T will skyrocket your strength and muscle mass in a very short period of time while avoiding any conversion to estrogen ensuring you not only get stronger and bigger but your muscles get incredibly thick and dense at the same time. Imagine the look of The Incredible Hulk and this is what Nano 1T can do.


Nano 1T can be used for short periods of time of no more than 8 weeks. We suggest using it no more than 2-3 times per year with 8+ weeks off after using it.


Strictly for males over the age of 21 who have maximised their natural muscle gains but are now looking to get the kind of bodybuilding physique which is impossible without the use of strong prohormones to vastly increase the rate at which muscle and strength is gained. This is not suitable for drug tested athletes.


Fusion supplements Nano 1T 30ml


Take 0.5ml in the morning and 0.5ml in the evening, preferably with food to maximise absorption. As Nano 1T does not have any liver related sides users can experiment with higher doses although we would suggest only going up by 0.5ml at a time and no more than a maximum of 2ml per day.



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