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Phera 90 Capsules
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Phera 90 Capsules

Phera 90 Capsules Prohormones

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Phera 90 Capsules

Product Guide

Rapid acting mass builder

Significant gains in strength

3-4 week cycles only

Potent enough to use without stacking other PH's

Essential to run with TUDCA or similar on-cycle products

Not one for beginners to PH's

Phera 90 Capsules


Phera is only really something which should be considered by those with several years of training experience and at least a couple of cycles of milder prohormones such as Havoc or Halodrol behind them. Eventually, you will reach a plateau where further size gains would require a more potent PH and this is where Phera comes in, alongside other mass building prohormones such as Nano 1T, Andro-1T or Nanodrol.


Phera, due to the fact its gains in size are augmented by extra water being held in the muscles tends to be used by most when conditioning is less important with winter a popular time for running this type of prohormone. However, it can be used alongside an AI such as Arimistane or Alchemy if conditioning is a concern.


Strictly for males aged 21+ who have extensive knowledge and awareness of how this product should be used. Check out our various articles on prohormones and PCT to better understand how you should use this.


Fusion supplements Phera 90 Capsules


Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with a meal. For best results space dosage out evenly throughout the day. Do not use this product for more than 30 days. Take at least a 90 day break between cycles of this product. For optimal use, we suggest taking Pheraplex alongside a cycle support supplement such as TUDCA. Upon finishing use you should embark upon a PCT using a popular Fusion Supplements PCT supplements such as Post Cycle Matrix, Arimistane or Formestane Max.



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