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1-AD 60 Tablets
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1-AD 60 Tablets
1-AD 60 Tablets

1-AD 60 Tablets Prohormones

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals


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60 Tablets
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1-AD 60 Tablets

Product Guide

Strength increases noticeable in just a week or two

Supports growth of lean muscle tissue without fat gain

Does not convert to estrogen leading to a drier, harder body

Dual action combination of an androgen and natural anabolic

Expect to see reductions in body fat

Increased power output

1-AD 60 Tablets


1-AD will help you break through plateaus and promote lean muscle growth with solid strength increases. 1-AD is a milder alternative to Nano 1T which is a good introduction to the prohormone category for a beginner looking for mild supplement that does not convert to estrogen.


Use Hi-Tech's 1-AD on a cutting cycle to help achieve a dry and muscular physique while losing body fat, or on a bulking cycle to add muscle thickness and improve strength.


Hi-Tech have aimed 1-AD at male athletes struggling to gain lean mass but we suggest it is best used by males over 21 who have hit a plateau and now seek something to take them beyond their genetic limits.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD 60 Tablets


Take 2 tablets spread out during the day. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.



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