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Androdiol 60 Tablets
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Androdiol 60 Tablets

Androdiol 60 Tablets Prohormones

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Androdiol 60 Tablets

Product Guide

Increases testosterone production to maximise gains

Assists in muscle growth and recovery

Enhances strength

Minimal side effects

No bloating

Androdiol 60 Tablets


Gaining muscle mass and strength isn't always quite as easy as you would like. Testosterone levels play a vital part in growth and repair, so males suffering from low testosterone levels will find it very difficult to gain any mass. Androdiol converts into testosterone itself via a 2-step pathway meaning more muscle growth and strength gains although a more potent prohormone, Androtest is advised for those seeking faster results.


As a prohormone, Androdiol should be used in discrete cycles of 4-6 weeks with at least as long as that without using it or any other prohormone.


Androdiol is designed for male athletes looking to significantly increase muscle mass, strength and male characteristics such as libido and aggression. As a prohormone it isn't suitable for women or those under the age of 21.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Androdiol 60 Tablets


Take 2 tablets spread out during the day. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.



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