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EpiAndro300 Prohormones

Muscle Addiction


Muscle Pump/Vascularity






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60 Servings


Product Guide

300mg Epiandrosterone per capsule - 6x more than competing brands

Can be used for lean muscle building, bulking or cutting cycles

Improved Strength Gains

Improved Fat Loss and reduced water retention

Increased Vascularity

Improved Libido

Improved Sense of Well-Being



The Muscle Addiction brand is well known for its no holds barred determination in creating only the very best products to help users achieve their very best physique. EpiAndro300 is no different. A strong and effective anabolic agent, EpiAndro300 helps put your body in an androgenic state using the key ingredient Epiandrosterone. Each capsule contains 300 mg of Epiandrosterone, which is 6 times the amount available from other brands on the market. EpiAndro300 is a market leading supplement giving you unparalleled results in improved strength, lean muscle, libido and mood - a great addition to any supplement collection.


EpiAndro300 is such a versatile supplement it can be used in muscle building phases, bulking phases and cutting phases. It can be used at any point in your physique cycle as it not only helps with strength and muscle, but also reduces body-fat and water retention. It is an ideal supplement for those running anabolic cycles that might experience decreased libido and energy levels, as the key ingredient Epiandrosterone, is associated with improved energy and libido.


EpiAndro300 is well suited to any male athletes and committed fitness fans looking to achieve better body composition through increased muscle and reduced body fat.



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