3 Spray 240ml
3 Spray 240ml

3 Spray 240ml Prohormones

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3 Spray 240ml

Product Guide

Sustained release of pregnenolone

Increase muscle mass

Promote brain health

Increase energy

Support hormone balance

3 Spray 240ml


Pr Spray provides pregnenolone in a sustained release form, aiding in a host of natural processes enhancing hormone and brain function. Pregnenolone is a hormone naturally produced in the body. It is synthesized in the adrenals and gonads where it serves as a precursor to all the steroid hormones – DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, aldosterone and others. Pregnenolone is also synthesized in the brain and central nervous system, where it acts (directly and as the sulfate) as a neurosteroid. As a neurosteroid it serves a variety of functions – most notably as an enhancer of NMDA activity and suppressor of GABA activity. This may in part be responsible for its purported memory enhancement, mood elevating, and energizing activities.


This product should be used to help stabilise hormone levels and promote muscle mass gain, high energy levels, and increased brain function. Pr Spray provides pregnenolone in a sustained release form for maximum round the clock bioactivity.


This product is for men only. As with all Prototype products, this is only really suitable for experienced hormone product users who are looking for a product which offers something out of the ordinary.


Prototype Nutrition 3 Spray 240ml


Dosing for all PN sprays are designed to be 50 sprays per dose. There are 7.2 grams of actives in the sprays, thus you are looking at approximately 249 mgs of active per 50 sprays. You can apply all at once or split between two applications. We recommend applying directly after a shower when the pores are most receptive, however this is not necessary. Apply 50 sprays over your torso, quads, inner bicep and the tops of hands and feet.



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