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Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g
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Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g

Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g Protein Bars and Snacks



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Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g

Product Guide

15g protein

Milky Way Flavour

Reduced sugar

Lower calories than the original

Supports muscle growth

Supports recovery after training

Satisfies snack cravings

Convenient on-the-go

Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g


Milky Way Hi-Protein Bars are a delicious way to indulge your sweet tooth while supporting your fitness goals. The protein content helps repair and potentially grow muscle tissue broken down during exercise, while the reduced sugar and lower calorie count keep your diet on track.


Milky Way Hi-Protein Bars fit seamlessly into your training cycle both post-workout to help replenish protein after intense workouts and optimise recovery and muscle growth. As well as any time throughout your training day to help cravings and provide your body with a steady stream of protein. This is especially helpful if you struggle to meet your daily protein intake goals through meals alone.


Milky Way Protein bars are well suited to any active individuals with a sweet tooth - they're perfect for those seeking a delicious, protein-packed snack that supports muscle building and recovery, all without sacrificing the taste they love.


Mars Milky Way Protein Bar 12x50g


Consume as part of a balanced diet.