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Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12
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Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12

Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12 Protein Bars and Snacks

Optimum Nutrition


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59g X 12
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Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12

Product Guide

18g high protein

Decadent chocolate and grated coconut

Soft filling centre

World’s #1 sport nutrition brand

Fuel your body

Delicious taste

Power up before or after workouts

Convenient snack

Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12


Eat Optimum Nutrition high-protein bars as a convenient way to ensure adequate protein intake, especially for those with busy schedules or active lifestyles. It's ideal for post-workout recovery, providing essential amino acids to aid muscle repair and growth. Optimum Nutrition protein bars also serve as a convenient snack or meal replacement, helping control hunger and support weight management.


Consider incorporating Optimum Nutrition protein bars into your training cycle during periods of increased physical activity, such as strength training or intense workouts. These bars provide an easily accessible source of protein, particularly useful when regular meals aren't readily available. Or they can also be useful in cutting phases as a healthier snack alternative.


Optimum Nutrition protein bars are useful for anyone seeking to meet their protein needs efficiently and conveniently. This includes athletes, fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals, and individuals looking to maintain a balanced diet while on the go.


Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Sweet Coconut 59g X 12


Grab one of these high-protein snacks any time of day, whether you’re at the gym, in the car, or at your desk.