Optimum Whipped Bar
Optimum Whipped Bar

Optimum Whipped Bar Protein Bars and Snacks

Optimum Nutrition


Improve Recovery


Whey Protein



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10 Bars

Optimum Whipped Bar

Product Guide

20g protein per bar

Only 2g sugar per bar

Available in four incredible flavours

Completely free of palm oil

Convenient to carry around

Delicious milk chocolate coating

Optimum Whipped Bar


The Whipped Protein Bar is a multipurpose product; not only are the textures and flavours designed to make you melt with excitement when you open the box but the 20g of protein, 18g of carbohydrates and low-sugar content make this a great bar that won't hinder your progress,


It is your choice! Use this bar to work around what your body requires at the time. If you've just completed a workout and want to top the muscles up, or you feel the energy levels have dropped a little, the Whipped bar can help you out.


If you have a busy schedule, and think that a more convenient boost of protein and carbs will suit you time-wise, then we'd recommend this to you. Plus, if you have a sweet-tooth, you've got to try it at least.



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