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Quest Cheese Crackers
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Quest Cheese Crackers

Quest Cheese Crackers Protein Bars and Snacks

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Quest Cheese Crackers

Product Guide

Cheesiest way to snack but with less carbs

Delicious protein crackers

Bursting with real cheese flavour

10g of protein and 5g of net carbs

Good source of protein

Perfect on the go

Quest Cheese Crackers


Use Quest cheese crackers to snack on your favourite cheese crackers but with less sugar, carbs and fat than your usual supermarket brand. These provide a healthier alternative which help support your dieting, protein, gym and lifestyle goals. The added protein means it is also great for topping up your daily protein intake through a tasty crave-able snack! <p> These are way better than the usual crackers you can find anywhere else as they provide all the crunch and satisfying taste of a regular cheese cracker, but but with an awesome 10g of protein and 5g of net carbs per serving.<p> Quest nutrition are also well known for only using quality ingredients to give the best tasting food that isn't packed with nasties.


Use Quest cheese crackers as the ideal snack for when you're dieting or cutting but looking to still enjoy your favourite crunchy snacks to support reduced carb intake during dieting phases. Also use during bulking phases as a means to top up your protein intake when snacking as these provide much more protein than the standard cracker so can support your muscle growth and refuelling goals. These are also great for providing energy for endurance for example simply pop them in your bag to take with you on long hikes or bike rides.


These Quest cheese crackers are ideal for anyone male or female looking for a lower carb higher protein alternative to their favourite cracker snack. These are perfect for swapping with the usual supermarket snacks providing a healthier alternative which can better support your fitness goals whether that is dieting, bulking or refuelling. They are also great to share with friends, family, kids and colleagues - though once you've tried them you might want to keep them to yourself they're so delicious!