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Protein Pancake 1036g Unflavoured
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Protein Pancake 1036g Unflavoured

Protein Pancake 1036g Unflavoured Protein Desserts and Cooking Mixes

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Protein Pancake 1036g Unflavoured

Product Guide

Simply add water, mix and heat for 2 mins

One pancake delivers 13g of protein

Available in a variety of flavours

The texture and fluffiness is exactly what you would hope for

No added sugar

Makes for a perfect post-workout meal or breakfast

Protein Pancake 1036g Unflavoured


Not all pancakes are created equal. Often seen as a treat, these protein pancakes are a great protein rich option. This pre-made pancake powder is easy to make in just 2 mins and gives athletes sticking to a diet the chance to have a treat whilst keeping to their macros. With the taste and texture resembling real pancake but with superior nutritional quality we predict you won't miss the real thing once you've tried these.


Anytime you fancy a high protein snack, nothing beats a stack of pancakes. Ideal as a sweet tasting breakfast or as a post-workout meal the nutritional profile means you can adapt these to any type of diet.


Anyone who wants to add additional protein to their diet and who loves pancakes. Just about anyone except vegans will enjoy these.