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Diet Fuel RTD
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Diet Fuel RTD

Diet Fuel RTD Protein Drinks To Go



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Diet Fuel RTD

Product Guide

Convenient, on-the go shake

Low in sugar


25g protein

Supports muscle maintenance

Weight management.

Low in calories

Delicious flavours

Diet Fuel RTD


USN Diet Fuel RTD is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a convenient and low-calorie meal replacement option. It supports weight management goals by providing sustained energy, curbing hunger with its protein content, and offering a variety of tasty flavours. Whether you're on a busy schedule, looking to reduce calorie intake, or aiming to maintain muscle mass while managing your weight, this product simplifies your nutrition plan and can help you stay on track with your dietary goals.


USN Diet Fuel RTD is best used during periods of calorie control, such as during a weight loss or cutting phase of a training cycle. It's particularly helpful when you need a convenient and low-calorie meal option to support your fitness and weight management goals. Incorporate it into your routine when you're aiming to reduce overall calorie intake while maintaining essential nutrients, making it an excellent choice during a cutting or leaning-out phase to help you stay on track with your nutritional objectives.


USN Diet Fuel RTD is best suited to those looking to manage their weight, reduce calorie intake, and control hunger while maintaining muscle mass. It's ideal for those with busy lifestyles or anyone seeking a convenient, low-calorie meal replacement option. This product is particularly beneficial for individuals in a cutting phase of their fitness journey, those aiming for weight loss, or anyone needing a quick and balanced nutrition solution on the go.