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Predator Whey
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Predator Whey

Predator Whey Protein Powder

Predator Nutrition


Improve Recovery


Diet Proteins



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Predator Whey

Product Guide

Highest quality whey protein blend to aid recovery

Nothing else comes close to the unique flavours, formulated by gourmet flavour house

Predator Whey can be digested efficiently supports the speed of lean muscle growth

High in BCAA's, a key amino acid complex, vital for muscle growth

Rich in whey micro-fractions, which can enhance immunity and recovery

Combines the distinctive benefits of whey isolate and whey concentrate in one product

Ideal for any physique or lifestyle goal

Provides approximately 67 servings per tub

Predator Whey


Predator Whey is a high-quality blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate, nature's highest quality proteins. Rich in BCAA's and glutamine, Predator Whey is capable of both supporting recovery and muscle growth and acting to help preserve muscle if used while dieting. With gourmet flavours that took years to perfect, Predator Whey tastes incredible making a rich, high protein shake that mixes instantly.


Predator Whey can be taken any time of the day and is equally effective when dieting as when bulking. Predator Whey should be taken year round to provide every day with the best nutritional foundation possible. For optimal results you should always have a shake immediately after exercise.


Males and females of all ages seeking a high quality protein to help them perform and look better will benefit from using Predator Whey.