TAA Phosphate 15g
TAA Phosphate 15g

TAA Phosphate 15g Prototype Nutrition

Prototype Nutrition


Increase Energy


Preworkout: Pumps


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TAA Phosphate 15g

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Glucose to the muscles in no time

Designed to have a long-lasting effect

Easily mixes into your beverage

Keep a healthy blood flow

Acts as a neuroprotective

Smoothly and quickly digested

TAA Phosphate 15g


TAA Phosphate has been created as the answer to keeping your body in a fighting fit position as you put yourself through the paces. This formula is the solution to the problem of Adenosine support that wears off far too quickly.


Ideally, before you exercise, prep your body for the hard work in keeping up with the speedy requirements of your muscles.


There are no dietary requirements that specify who can consume this supplement. It is available to all athletes and recommend to those who feel as though they are running fumes. If your workouts are becoming a burden on your everyday wellness, this is the support you require.


Prototype Nutrition TAA Phosphate 15g


Dissolve one heaping scoop into the liquid of choice and consume before exercise. 500mg active per serving.