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Demigod Mass GH

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Gain quality size at a supercharged rate

Improvements to sleep and recovery

Boost appetite for an easier bulk

Increase bone density and joint health

Strength and performance gains

Demigod Mass GH


Mass GH combines two compounds for the ultimate performance and recovery supplement. Ligandrol (LGD) is a S.A.R.M that will help you to build muscle mass and significantly increase strength by creating a highly anabolic environment without the side effects of stronger hormonal supplements like prohormones due to its selective nature. The second, MK-677, causes your body to increase HGH and IGF-1 levels for better sleep, recovery and joint health.


Improvements in strength and appetite make this the perfect stack to implement while bulking however you might also use this when in a calorie deficit to recomp (gain muscle while dropping body fat). A cycle of 4-8 weeks is recommended, with those new to SARMs starting at the lower end of dose and cycle duration. Due to the inclusion of the SARM LGD, always follow with a PCT.


Mass GH is for experienced male trainees. It is a milder alternative to prohormones which still yields outstanding results in users.



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