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Product Guide

Increases Lean Muscle Mass

Promotes Fat Loss

Enhances Strength and Vascularity

Mitigates Catabolism

Supports Bone Health

Minimal Side Effects



Olympus Labs S-23 is ideal for those seeking to enhance their physical performance and body composition. This potent SARM promotes significant lean muscle gains and fat loss, helping you achieve a more defined and muscular physique. It enhances strength, muscle hardness, and vascularity, making it perfect for bodybuilders and athletes. Additionally, S-23 helps preserve muscle mass during calorie deficits, supports bone health, and is well-tolerated with minimal side effects. By using S-23, you can effectively improve your overall fitness and achieve your performance goals.


Olympus Labs S-23 should be used during a bulking or cutting cycle to enhance muscle growth and fat loss. It is ideal to take one capsule daily with a meal for optimal absorption and effectiveness. This product is especially beneficial for those looking to preserve muscle mass during calorie deficits, improve strength and endurance, and enhance overall body composition. Always follow a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) regimen to restore natural testosterone levels after completing a cycle with S-23.


Olympus Labs S-23 is designed for bodybuilders, athletes, and individuals committed to enhancing their physical performance and physique. This powerful SARM is ideal for those aiming to increase lean muscle mass, boost strength and endurance, and improve overall body composition by reducing fat and increasing muscle hardness and vascularity. It is also suitable for individuals looking to preserve muscle during calorie deficits and support bone health. With its minimal side effects compared to anabolic steroids, S-23 offers a well-tolerated alternative for those serious about achieving their fitness goals and optimizing their body composition.


Olympus Labs S-23


Take one capsule of Olympus Labs S-23 daily with a meal.