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Brussel-Building Protein Powder
Protein: Save 15%
Brussel-Building Protein Powder

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Brussel Sprouts


Brussel sprouts; love them or hate them? Well now, it doesn’t matter! We can't express how essential it is to get enough greens in your diet, but if they're just too gross to have near your Christmas dinner plate, then this is what you need. Try it in shake form, and soak up a whopping 24g of whey protein.


It's up to you! Due to the festive period not being the healthiest of the year, it is important to keep on track of your protein intake in relation to sugars and fats. And let's not forget when dinner is served, those of you who wish to stay away from the sprouts might want to snatch Brussel Building from the cupboard.


To start with, this powder is ideal for athletes who love Christmas but cannot stand their Brussel sprouts. You're not alone, they're not for everyone. However, this tastier alternative is ideal for the people who continue to which their protein intake during the holidays.