Star Wars This Is The Way
Star Wars This Is The Way

Star Wars This Is The Way Shakers Bottles And Mixers

Blender Bottle




Gym Accessory: Shaker



Star Wars This Is The Way

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Backed by leak-free guarantee

Embrace your fandom as you workout

Dishwasher safe

28oz capacity

Stain and odour resistant

Several designs to choose from

Star Wars This Is The Way


Blender Bottle's Shakers have been consistently praised for their creative and detailed designs that appeal to the fans of the worldwide phenomenon that Star Wars. They have created this shaker so that you can treat yourself to smooth and lump-free shakes and drink them looking like a total badass.


This high-quality shaker makes for a long-term investment. Its resistance to stains, leaks and odours make it something that you should consider for a fresh start. New to the gym? Or starting a new workout routine? That's when we recommend purchasing this.


Every athlete needs to keep themselves hydrated and topped up with nutrient-filled beverages when working out. Therefore, this is usable for all of you! However, we know that this is one for geeks!