Darth Vader Shaker 800ml
Darth Vader Shaker 800ml

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Darth Vader Shaker 800ml

Product Guide

Show your love of Star Wars and the Darkside

Large 800ml shaker

Uses Everlast ink technology so logos don't fade

Leak free and dishwasher safe

Free from BPA's

100% Leak-Free

Give yourself to the Dark Side

Darth Vader Shaker 800ml


The Force is strong with this ... shaker, with its large 800ml capacity, being 100% leak proof, dishwasher safe and containing no harmful BPA's. You don't just have to use this in the gym, with its large 800ml capacity its great to use throughout the day for BCAA's etc


Use it whenever you need a shaker: be it protein, BCAA's or pre-workouts. Or simply use it throughout the day to keep hydrated.


Star Wars fans will love this, especially if you prefer the Dark Side! but anyone who is looking for a high quality shaker which doesn't leak and is free from harmful BPA's.