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Superman Shaker 800ml
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Superman Shaker 800ml

Superman Shaker 800ml Shakers Bottles And Mixers

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Superman Shaker 800ml

Product Guide

The strongest statement you can ever make with a shaker

800ml capacity ideal for supersized athletes

Vibrant colours thanks to Everlast ink technology


Stay-open flip cap

Leak free and dishwasher safe

Fits in most drink holders

Superman Shaker 800ml


If you need a large capacity shaker which is leak-free, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free there are quite a few shakers out there now but nevertheless this meets all of those requirements. What it does that no other shaker can match is give you the feeling of being Superman himself in the gym. Every time you look at this when you train you will just know that it is time for another set.


Whenever you need a shake to boost recovery or to increase performance, nothing is more appropriate than this shaker.


Comic fans for one will love this but for anyone who needs a high quality shaker which does not leak and uses top grade materials, you can't go wrong with this.