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Predator 360 Shaker
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Predator 360 Shaker

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Predator 360 Shaker

Product Guide

High build quality for long term usage

Manufactured under the EU

Fits most car cupholders

Unique construction prevents leakages

Well-priced investment

Predator 360 Shaker


Anyone seeking a shaker for mixing up drinks can do a lot worse. Unlike most cheap shakers which are made in China, the Predator 360 Shaker is built in the European Union meaning its build quality, and quality control in general is a lot higher. Of particular note, this shaker features a design which makes leaks all but impossible.


Anytime you need to mix up a drink or else just use it to contain a regular beverage like water and stay hydrated for longer.


Anyone wanting a shaker that is both cheap and of a high quality.