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CBD Oil 4% 30ml
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CBD Oil 4% 30ml

CBD Oil 4% 30ml Sleep Aid Supplements

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CBD Oil 4% 30ml

Product Guide

Works quickly, within minutes typically

Does not contain THC

30ml bottle

40mg per ml

Does not have the negative effects of THC

CBD Oil 4% 30ml


CBD Oil has been the subject of lots of research into its purported benefits with growing awareness of it as an alternative to other products.. Although many of the studies have been carried out on animals and not humans, the research being undertaken at the moment is proving positive for humans too. Fusion CBD Oil is the best combination of potency and number of servings we have ever seen.


CBD Oil is typically used on a daily basis since it is a supplement with many finding the best way to use it to take a dose before bedtime and once in the morning.


While CBD Oil 4% is a natural compound and generally well tolerated, its use should be discussed with your GP ideally especially if you are currently using medicines.


Fusion supplements CBD Oil 4% 30ml


Place up to 1ml under the tongue, hold for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. It is best used before bedtime and as needed during the day.