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Neuro DHEA 30ml
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Neuro DHEA 30ml

Neuro DHEA 30ml Sleep Aid Supplements

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Neuro DHEA 30ml

Product Guide

Helps promote optimal hormone levels

Helps to increase cognitive health

Reduces inflammation

May increase REM sleep

Can contribute to weight loss through reduced blood insulin levels.

Neuro DHEA 30ml


Numerous scientific studies have shown the positive effects that DHEA supplementation can have on the body. The DHEA that is produced by the brain has been shown to have direct effects on brain function and the central nervous system, which can lead to a sharper mind, improved mood and better energy levels. DHEA also may improve insulin sensitivity and aid fat loss.


DHEA Can be used year round, but in particular it may be more useful in those heavy lifting phases to take advantage of strength gains. Use with Neuro P5 for the ultimate brain stack


Both men and women can use DHEA, women at a significantly lower dosage than men. It is generally recommended for more experienced users.


Iconic Formulations Neuro DHEA 30ml


Apply .5-1ml in the AM daily. Ideal application sites include chest, shoulder, clavicle region, upper back, inner bicep.