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REM PM 60 Caps
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REM PM 60 Caps

REM PM 60 Caps Sleep Aid Supplements

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REM PM 60 Caps

Product Guide

Optimize Athlete Performance and Recovery

Support Healthy Cortisol Levels

Support Night time Thermogenesis

Promote Quality REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep

Feel more refreshed from a better night sleep

REM PM 60 Caps


Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, instead of feeling like you could just roll over and sleep more? Sleep aids are more common now with our busy lifestyles and Man Sports REM PM has been designed to help increase your quality of sleep by keeping you in REM sleep for longer.


We don't recommend that you take this product long term. A max of 5 days should be taken at any time, and if symptoms haven't improved you should seek advice from a doctor. If your goal is just to improve quality of sleep, then REM pm is ideal for you.


If you are struggling with short term sleep disturbances then using a natural compound based sleep aid can improve your symptoms and help you to get a better night's sleep.


Man Sports REM PM 60 Caps


You can take REM PM with or without food. We suggest taking ONLY 1 concentrated capsule for the first few days to assess your tolerance then go up from there. We've found taking your dose of REM PM within 20-30 minutes of your desired sleep time works best. NO MORE THAN 2 CAPSULES EVERY 24 HOURS.