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Genius Sleep Aid
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Genius Sleep Aid

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Genius Sleep Aid

Product Guide

Experience more restful sleep

Helps to combat adrenal exhaustion

Non-habit forming

No need to constantly increase dose like some sleep aids

Best natural sleep aid

Genius Sleep Aid


Genius Sleep Aid is perfect for anyone looking for a naturally based sleep aid which enhances sleep quality and lets you wake up without the grogginess associated with more hardcore sleep aids. Furthermore, by using natural ingredients only Genius Sleep Aid is non-habit forming and even if used consistently for a period of time you will not experience any type of withdrawal when cessation of use takes place.


Genius Sleep Aid is, unlike some sleep aids, the type of product which can be used on an ongoing basis although the brand nevertheless suggests users adopt a 5 on 2 off usage pattern.


Both men and women are fine to take Genius Sleep Aid and if you suffer from poor sleep on a regular basis this is a much better option than something hardcore which while it works great at first, can rapidly become habit forming. Unlike those types of sleep aids, Genius Sleep Aid can be used safely over the long term. On the other hand if you have just taken a high stimulant preworkout close to your bedtime then we would probably suggest keeping a more hardcore sleep aid on standby for those cases and those cases only.