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Original Switch Off
ALL: Choose 2 Samples!
Original Switch Off

Original Switch Off Sleep Aid Supplements

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Original Switch Off

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Updated version of the original formula

Includes 5-HTP, a natural precursor to serotonin

Nootropic effects for your memory and concentration

Includes Magnolia Officinalis to target adrenaline

Sleep your deepest sleep in ages

Wake up ready to go

Available in two fruity flavours

Original Switch Off


No fitness goal is achieved easily, but utilising every second of rest effectively definitely helps. With Switch Off, your sleep is utilised to its full potential in regards to recharging your cognitive batteries so that you can wake up focus and motivated on your objectives.


Around thirty minutes before you go to bed, take one scoop of 5g added to cold water. It is time to consider a sleep aid supplement if you start noticing a particular struggle with starting your day off.


For those of you who tend to stress about the day ahead, and need some support with capable of taking on the day, this is for you. Outside of fitness, this supplement could be suitable for new parents and those of you taking on new careers/jobs.



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