Real Carbs + Protein
Real Carbs + Protein

Real Carbs + Protein Post Workout Supplements

5Per Rich Piana


Improve Recovery


Protein Powder: Meal Replacement


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Real Carbs + Protein

Product Guide

21g of protein per serving

32g of carbohydrates per serving

Low glycemic index carbohydrates

Delicious birthday cake flavour

Topped up with minerals and antioxidants

Replenish your muscles the right way

Real Carbs + Protein


What you eat to refuel your body is crucial. You could be satisfying cravings in a disguise of replenishment. 5% Rich Piana have created this blend of low glycemic carbohydrates and hard-food proteins to assure that your body is getting its top-up of nutrients in the best possible form. You don't want to work hard, only to undo your progress.


Real Carbs + Protein is designed to work as a post-workout replenishment. When you've completed your session and headed off to the changing room, scoop yourself a serving of this. It is time to consider a blend of this calibre is when you're diet isn't quite reaching the nutritional requirements needed for your fitness goals.


Real Carbs + Protein is ideal for those of you who have schedules that are too busy to make time for sufficient meal prep.



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