Estrozole 90ct Capsules
Estrozole 90ct Capsules

Estrozole 90ct Capsules Testosterone Boosters



Boost Testosterone


90 Capsules
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Estrozole 90ct Capsules

Product Guide

Estrogen blocker

Testosterone booster

Decreases aromatase enzyme activity

Effective on PCT

Protects hair in men

Potent formula

Estrozole 90ct Capsules

Use Estrozole from Afterdark for advanced cycle support when you're looking for an effective estrogen blocker and testosterone booster which also has additional properties in reducing protecting your liver as well as your hair health to prevent hair loss from DHT.

Use this supplement as support during your cycle during the appropriate phases of your supplementation cycle.

Afterdark Estrozole is best suited to advanced users who use PCT products


Afterdark Estrozole 90ct Capsules


Take 1 serving, 3 capsules, before bedtime.