TestBoosters: Save up to 20%
Halo Elite
TestBoosters: Save up to 20%
Halo Elite

Halo Elite Testosterone Boosters

Blackstone Labs


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Testosterone Boosters




Save up to 25% on Test Boosters

90 Tablets

Halo Elite

Product Guide

All natural anabolic

Promotes lean muscle growth and repair

Non hormonal and thus does not affect testosterone or oestrogen

No unwanted side effects

Take for up to 4 months

Halo Elite


Unlike regular androgens and other testosterone boosting ingredients, you can get amazing size and strength gains without the side effects. This substance can give you similar results in the body of that of testosterone, which everyone wants! Phytoandrogens are all natural and from plants, so you can take them for extended amounts of time, stack them with almost anything, and not have any of those unwanted side effects. Eucommia ulmoides specifically binds to androgen receptors, so you can ensure you will get androgen effects.


Blackstone Labs recommend taking Halo Elite for up to 4 months before taking at least 1-2 months off. It is best taken during a cutting phase of a diet where increased testosterone is needed to preserve muscle mass. Halo Elite is all natural, no cycle support is needed while taking it, and no PCT is needed after you take it.


Halo Elite is recommended for males who want to increase their muscle mass during a bulk, or to preserve lean tissue during a cut. It is not recommended for females.



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