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Ashwagandha 150 Caps
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Ashwagandha 150 Caps

Ashwagandha 150 Caps Tablets

Predator Nutrition


Stress Support


Preworkout: Focus



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Ashwagandha 150 Caps


Product Guide

Decreased stress can supercharge your health and performance

Adaptogenic herb to improve stress response

Improved mentality often benefits your strength and power output

High quality supplement, yet well-priced

One of the most exciting up-and-coming supplements in the fitness industry

Ashwagandha 150 Caps


This is definitely a product worth getting excited about! Ashwagandha originates from India, and has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy to combat anxiety, fatigue and stress. These are all factors which can cause problems for the dedicated athlete - and clinical trials have shown that, through cortisol reductions, this herb can mitigate the detrimental response to stress that the body can exert, which can improve the quality of your sleep and recovery. However perhaps most exciting; Ashwagandha has recently been shown to yield significant increases in power output and strength for both resistance training and track athletics (eg. sprinting). This product is sure to benefit you in some way, whether that is through improved health and vitality; and/or performance excellence.


The positive effects of this product will be best seen following a period of prolonged use.


This product can yield benefits for absolutely everyone, whether you are indeed an athlete and/or someone who wants to improve your overall health through reductions in stress (and it's negative consequences). For those chasing aesthetic goals: Ashwagandha can optimize a gaining phase through improvements in strength and recovery - over time this will aid progressive overload and lean muscle growth. Cortisol levels tend to rise when in a substantial calorie deficit (dieting phase), thus Ashwagandha can help to reduce this response and really aid the fat loss process.


Predator Nutrition Ashwagandha 150 Caps


Take 3 capsules with a meal, twice daily.



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