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Plant Fed Vegan Protein
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Plant Fed Vegan Protein

Plant Fed Vegan Protein Vegan Protein

Axe and Sledge


Improve Recovery


Vegan Protein




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Plant Fed Vegan Protein

Product Guide

Supports Recovery

Promotes Muscle Growth

High Protein

Naturally Flavoured & Sweetened

20g Protein

Pea Protein Isolate

Only 100 calories

Macro-Friendly Vegan Protein

Plant Fed Vegan Protein


Using Plant Fed protein from Axe & Sledge is beneficial for individuals seeking to meet their protein needs while following a plant-based diet. It ensures they obtain essential amino acids, supports muscle recovery, and maintains overall health without relying solely on animal sources.


Use Plant Fed protein powder to supplement when facing challenges meeting daily protein requirements through whole foods or during periods of increased physical activity, such as intense training or muscle-building phases. This protein can be used throughout your training cycle.


Plant Fed protein powder is particularly useful for vegetarians, vegans, athletes, and those with dietary restrictions. It is well suited to you if you are looking to enhance muscle growth, recovery, and overall protein intake while adhering to a plant-based lifestyle.