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Clear Plant Protein
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Clear Plant Protein

Clear Plant Protein Vegan Protein

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Improve Recovery


Vegan Protein




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Clear Plant Protein

Product Guide

20g high protein

For muscle growth support & repair

Helps build & maintain muscle

3.6g of BCAAs - Natural occurring

100% vegan ingredients

Light and refreshing

Without the milky texture of other proteins

Alternative to whey protein

Clear Plant Protein


Supplementing with Clear Protein 100% Plant Protein Isolate helps ensure individuals meet their daily protein requirements, aiding muscle repair and growth. It's beneficial post-workout for optimal recovery or when dietary protein intake is insufficient without the need for animal products.


During the training cycle, Clear Protein 100% Plant Protein Isolate is especially valuable post-exercise to support muscle repair. It can also be used as a convenient pre-workout option to enhance protein availability during training.


Clear Protein 100% Plant Protein Isolate is great for anyone aiming to enhance muscle development, athletes seeking to improve performance, individuals with busy lifestyles, and those struggling to meet protein needs through whole foods can all benefit from protein powder supplementation. All the while without using any animal products. This protein is perfect for vegans and anyone who is lactose intolerant.