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Orange Triad 270 Tabs
Vitamins&Minerals: Save 15%
Orange Triad 270 Tabs

Orange Triad 270 Tabs Multivitamin

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Orange Triad 270 Tabs


Product Guide

Supports digestion system

Assists joint health

Helps with overall recovery after rigorous exercise

The perfect supplement for the serious athlete

Two key products in one

Immune support including echinacea

Orange Triad 270 Tabs


Orange Triad is the perfect multi-vitamin supplement for the serious athlete! Nutritional support is essential for athletes as they put their bodies under immense stress and strain whilst training. Over time their joints and muscles will take longer and longer to recover; this is where Orange Triad comes in. It provides the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to support the digestive and immune systems. On top of this it also provides lubrication to the joints and cartilage and helps build up resilience in the muscle tissue, allowing you to recover perfectly time and time again.


This product should be taken regularly to support joints strained by exercise, and to promote improved overall health by optimising digestion and immunity.


Anyone who exercises regularly in sports that stress their joints should take a product like this to help reduce damage and risk of injury or illness.


Controlled Labs Orange Triad 270 Tabs


Take 3 tablets twice per day with meals, preferably at breakfast and dinner.