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Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules
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Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules

Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules Vitamins & Mineral Supplements



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60 Capsules
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Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules

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Top up you micronutrient deficiencies

Superior uptake and bioavailability

Quality ingredients

Optimal doses

Replenish your body

Better body functioning

Enhanced performance

Improved wellbeing

Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules


Glaxon Multi+ - Mood + Metabolism seeks to get all of your micronutrient levels up to full, or 100% of your recommended daily value that can be used in combination with diet and exercise. If you don’t have the best diet, or you’re subject to strenuous bouts of training - these factors can contribute to micronutrient deficiencies that you may not even notice. Making sure that all of these nutrients are at their most optimal levels, means that your body will perform at its most optimal level.


Glaxon Multi+ is is well suited during any phase of your training cycle when you looking to optimise your performance, recovery, and overall health. Whether you're bulking, cutting, or maintaining, Multi+ ensures you receive essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vital for energy production, immune support, and muscle function. It helps fill nutritional gaps, bolstering your body's resilience against the stress of intense training.


Glaxon Multi+ is ideal for anyone who prioritises optimal wellness, seeking to bridge nutritional gaps and support their body's needs during intense training. Whether you're an athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness enthusiast, Multi+ caters to your goals by enhancing performance, recovery, and overall health. It's tailored for those who demand excellence from their training and nutrition, ensuring they have a strong foundation for peak physical condition and wellbeing.


Glaxon Multi + Mood + Metabolism 60 Capsules


Take two capsules daily. This can be taken on an empty stomach or with food, usually first-thing in the morning or at night. To maximie absorption, a single capsule can be taken with food in the morning and a second capsule with food at night.